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An Active, Healthy Lifestyle
Golfing in Sedona
Hiking in Telluride, Co.
Hiking near the Tetons
Playing miniature golf with Lisa, Lilly and Brooke
Bike riding in Jackson, Wy.
After a dance recital with Lisa, Lilly and Brooke
On a walk with Kalea and Miley
Painting ceramics with the granddaughters!
Speaking Engagements and Workshops
Certified Ayurvedic Instructor with Dr. Shiela Patel
A presentation at the Santaluz Club
Presenting at the Santaluz Club
Introduction to the Ayurvedic Lifestyle class
Each body type does well with different colors. Vatas enjoy earth colors
The Pita body type likes greens and blues
The Kapha body type likes bold colors