"Donna Duvall loves improving women's health and well being (and golf). She is a Women's Health Nurse Practitioner (NP).  After twenty-plus years as a NP and a successful career with Wyeth Pharmaceuticals, working in teaching hospitals and selling everything from birth control pills and baby formula to hormones and immuno-suppressant, Donna retired to nurse her golf game. Two years later, Donna has decided to re-dedicate herself to her nurse practitioner practice. This time, it is to help women feel their best on and off the golf course!"  Stilettospeakers.com newsletter 
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  Sami Rooei
Sunday, September 26, 2021
I have recently had the opportunity to meet Donna Duvall for the purpose of meditation therapy. Admittedly, I was initially unsure as to what benefits would be gleaned by the experience. However, I was instantly and pleasantly surprised by her overall relaxed voice and demeanor, as she gently guided me to unlock emotions I had suppressed for a very long time. I am grateful for the enhancement Ms. Duvall's natural and intuitive ability has contributed to my life. Her sessions have provided a source of immense joy and I have no doubt she will continue to excel and be a wonderful asset to everyone she serves in this field. Sami Rooei Sunday, September 26, 2021
  Nancy Chappie
Wednesday, November 28, 2012
I am so thrilled to have worked with Donna on my daily and often hot flashes, that were making life very uncomfortable.  I had been taking Premarin but it was costing me $75 monthly even with my insurance, so Donna recommended generic estriol, with  cost of $7 monthly.  Yeah! no more hot flashes and at a much more reasonable price.  Thank you, Donna 
  Debbie Tietge
Tuesday, November 29, 2011
When I first began working with Donna I suffered a multitude of symptoms and wasn't satisfied with doctors, who barely had time to listen, let alone figure out what was going on with me as an individual. 

Donna listened attentively, took as much time as was needed to help understand my unique health issues, and then ordered the tests that we needed to figure out where the problems stemmed from. 

The tests she ordered helped uncover vital facts that helped us to treat the underlying health issues and imbalances.  We worked together and I felt my thoughts and feelings were considered in the process of making decisions about every aspect of my treatment.

I highly recommend Donna as a valuable resource to keep us, as women, healthy and feeling vibrant.  Her years of expertise, combined with great communication skills, follow-up, and team-work, make her a 'must-see' for anyone with women's health issues.

Today, I feel the best I've felt in many years thanks to her guidance! 
  June Selis
Wednesday, September 15, 2010
 I have known Donna as a trusted health professional for many years. She has a deep understanding and many years of experience with women's health issues. She has always given me excellent advice for my female challenges.  Her calming strength of character and knowledge encouraged my trust in her advice.   
  Veva Goehler
Thursday, June 17, 2010
Donna's knowledge about women's health care is extensive.  Her compassion and understanding is always appreciated.  You can't go wrong with using Donna for your women's wellness needs.  I've used Donna for my health care needs for over 30 years.